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The Gentleman Bachelor

As it’s the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and I’m feeling particularly lazy, I’m going to do a cop-out post today. Some friends and I have started another blog to rant, gush, and/or generally spout off about sports, the movie business, L.A. in general, and other nonsense. One feature, the brainchild of my friend Mike, is “The Gentleman Bachelor,” wherein my cohorts and I school the uneducated on how to be a more “classy” single guy. Or a more classy guy in general. Or at least give the appearance of more class. Or something.

In any case, Mike likes to cook as much as I do, so TGB will often involve food. I suppose I could just rip the post straight from the Peach Basket, plop it here, and claim it as my own. But Mike knows where I live. So hop on over why dontcha and check out his very informative piece on shallots. I’ll bet you didn’t know they were an aphrodisiac, did you? See, you need The Peach Basket in your life. And don’t forget to read the comments!